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There is no denying the huge influence of K-beauty today and Aliaa Sharif will be quick to admit that.  In fact, she has gone one step further and created Tres La La, a beauty brand based on v

The name of the brand is derived from the French phrase tres chic, which means ‘very fashionable or stylish’, and Aliaa’s nickname, Lala.

Although trained in finance, Aliaa has always been fascinated with K-beauty.

“My background is in accountancy but when I was working in that field, I did not find satisfaction from it. I have always been into beauty,”  says Aliaa, 30, at the launch of the brand in Kuala Lumpur recently.

“After visiting South Korea, I found that Korean skincare really looks good and is also effective. So I thought why not venture into it and from then, my passion just grew.”

Founded in 2016, Tres La La features products with gentle formulas that incorporate three key natural ingredients – propolis, royal jelly and hyaluronic acid – to regenerate, heal and hydrate skin.

Tres La La

Aliaa Sharif, founder of Tres La La, a local brand based on Korean skincare trends and technology — SYED AZAMUDDEN/The Star

“This brand is totally Korean but proudly Malaysian. We use the latest ingredients from Korea that are revolutionary and effective. That’s one of our brand’s uniqueness,” says Aliaa.

The products, all made in Korea, also feature an SEM complex – containing ingredients like Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) flower and sugar maple extracts – and Hygroplex HHG, which has water-binding capacities to protect against moisture loss.

Currently, the brand offers an aqua-based Hydrating and Brightening range consisting of six products that are all paraben-free.

“With our hot climate I wanted an aqua-based range of skincare and makeup so that it doesn’t feel sticky on our skin. Aqua-based products offer fast absorption, are very light, easy to apply and blend well,” she says.

The current range – which targets consumers between 18 and 40 – features the Total Cleansing Oil, Fresh Bubble Foam Cleanser, Hydrating Mist, Ultra Boost Serum, Radiant Day Cream and Enriched Sleeping Pack, an intensive night treatment formula.

“In future, we will expand the range with complementary products. We might bring in some sheet and hydrogel masks but with more diverse functions like anti-ageing and for acne skin. We will also add other products like firming cream or eye cream,” she shares.

With beauty everything starts with confidence. Whatever it is, you need to have good skin for you to look good. Good skin is the foundation of it all.

“I also wanted a brand that was effective yet affordable because I believe you don’t have to spend that much to have good skin,” she emphasises.

“The oil cleanser is my favourite product. It is very light and can remove any dirt, residue and makeup. Our products can also be used individually to complement your existing skincare so you don’t necessarily have to buy the whole range.”

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